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This video shows iPhone 8 in action

18 razones para que te enamores de la interfaz de iOS 11 en el iPhone 8

Ya queda menos para la celebración del evento especial de presentación del iPhone 7s, del iPhone 7s Plus, del iPhone del décimo aniversario (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone 8…), del Apple TV 4K y del Apple Watch Series. La conferencia tendrá lugar el día 12 de septiembre en el Steve Jobs Theater del Apple Park . Por supuesto, desde iPadizate realizaremos una amplia cobertura del evento para que estés al tanto de todas las novedades y de todos los productos que Apple presentará.

This video shows iPhone 8 in action
This video shows iPhone 8 in action

Over the past few months we have seen all sorts of images, concepts, photographs and videos of tenth anniversary iPhone prototypes appear. Although most of these leaks are not real, it is interesting to see how the final design of the smartphone could look like as the removal of the Home button and side bezels will be a very important change.

This time we’ll share a very short video, and of a rather poor quality by the way, in which you’ll be able to watch the first iPhone 8 in action. Is it really an iPhone 8 or is it some kind of visual trick?

The video arrives just one week before the official launch of iPhone 8. In the video, you’ll see how the user interface of iOS 11 works with the new design of the terminal, with an OLED display that covers the entire front and a top frame for the FaceTime camera’s 3D sensors.

The video reflects what we were expecting. The top frame on the front of iPhone 8 makes the corners an ideal place to enter the status bar elements (battery, Wi-Fi signal, time…) of the iOS 11 user interface.

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