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This smartphone has a battery six times larger than the iPhone XR

The Mobile World Congress held these days in Barcelona has left us news of all kinds among which there has been no lack of iPhone accessories or the well-known debate about folding phones. But what probably nobody expected was that Energizer would steal the spotlight from Samsung and Huawei with a smartphone of their own.

Well, this brand known for its batteries but that has long had very resistant smartphones in its catalog, has presented a very striking terminal for one thing: its huge battery . The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, as the creature is called, has a battery that is six times larger than that of an iPhone XR.

Six times more battery life, more than twice the weight and thickness of an iPhone XR

This smartphone has a battery six times larger than the iPhone XR
This smartphone has a battery six times larger than the iPhone XR

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop (2019)

iPhone XR (2018)


153 X 74.8 X 18 mm

150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm


450 grams

194 grams


18,000 mAh

2,942 mAh


50 days on hold, 90 hours in conversation and 100 hours of music

25 hours of conversation, 65 hours of music

Our colleagues in Xataka have already been able to get their hands on this terminal, which will go on sale in the middle of this year. And of course, the most striking thing was the contrast with a regular smartphone. In the case of the iPhone XR, the Apple mobile with the most autonomy of the current generation, the Energizer has a battery capacity six times greater , as well as a weight and thickness that more than doubles it.

In XatakaThis mobile has a 18,000 mAh battery although it is not suitable for all pockets (how big it is): we have tested it

However, the other dimensions of the P18K Pop are quite similar. It has a width and height very similar to that of the iPhone XR. When compared with an iPhone 8 Plus we do see that it is slightly wider and longer , so it would be between both iPhone models.

Although it has a battery that is six times larger than an iPhone XR, it is surprising that this does not translate into six times more battery life. If we look at the only two comparable variables (hours of conversation and hours of music), that great autonomy does not translate into six times more . In fact, in the case of music, it does not even duplicate it.

As you can see in this image, it is a very thick mobile. It has a curved edge to favor the grip, but as they tell us in Xataka it is quite uncomfortable to hold and handle. Using it with only one hand for more than 20 minutes ends up being noticeable.

There was a cell phone to a battery attached

The Energizer smartphone could well star in an adaptation of the famous verses that Quevedo parodied Góngora’s nose with. Because its huge size makes that we are before a cell phone attached to a battery .

This is the answer that many users have been proposing for a long time: prioritize the autonomy of the smartphone against weight and thickness . And this is how we obtain a real brick that weighs almost half a kilo and is several times thicker than a normal terminal.

In AppleUID Power, the removable battery case for iPhone that can be converted to external battery

In the images we see how the buttons, port, microphone and speakers are located at the top of the side edge. It is as if someone has stretched the back of the device to put a huge battery inside it.

In any case, this smartphone is designed for people who need a lot of autonomy for several days, sacrificing essential aspects. Portability and manageability depend largely on thickness and weight and it is clear that the P18K Pop will be attractive for a very small portion of users .

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