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This numeric keypad is the ideal complement to your MacBook

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New MacBooks may be introduced tomorrow on the “Hello Again” keynote. Although Apple has not announced anything official, we have already seen the leaks of the new MacBook Pro on MacOS Sierra. However, something that Apple’s MacBook in all its variants doesn’t have is a numeric keypad . This is logical, since it is a laptop and, at the end of the day, it is intended to be as comfortable and small as possible. But what can you do if you love using a number pad? Satechi has the solution.

This numeric keypad is the ideal complement to your MacBookThis numeric keypad is the ideal complement to your MacBook

The accessory manufacturer Satechi has launched a new aluminium and wireless keyboard for Mac computers . This wireless keyboard has everything to gain from its competitors, and this is due to its great similarity to the design of the MacBook. Of course, you can get it in four different colors – the four colors in which MacBook is sold.

But apart from its design so similar to the MacBook , Satechi’s wireless keyboard has a Bluetooth connection and is ultra-slim. This makes it a great way to carry and go anywhere, just like the MacBook.

If you want to get this keyboard you can buy it from Amazon for about 40 euros. Is it useful? It depends on your workflow and preferences. If you use a computer for day-to-day operations, this may be a good option . However, you may also be used to the MacBook keyboard, which has the numbers embedded horizontally. Either way, if you want a number pad to use with your Mac, this is certainly the best option on the market.

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