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This new watchOS 7 concept introduces many interesting new features

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Nuevo concepto de watchOS 7 para Apple Watch

Este concepto ha sido diseñado por Matt Birchler y nos ofrece una visión muy visual de cómo luciría la interfaz de usuario de watchOS 7. Las funciones que destaca son muy variadas, encontramos desde nuevas opciones de comunicación hasta monitorización del sueño, pasando por personalización de los anillos de actividades y un largo etcétera.

This new watchOS 7 concept introduces many interesting new features
This new watchOS 7 concept introduces many interesting new features

Así describía el propio Matt Birchler su nuevo concepto:

Esta es una lista de las funciones del concepto de watchOS 7 de Matt Birchler:

  • Mejoras de Fitness
  • Optimizaciones de comunicación
  • Duración de la batería
  • Función “Escapada del finde”
  • Mejoras de la pantalla siempre encendida
  • Esferas de terceros
  • Interacciones más rápidas
  • Mayor velocidad inalámbrica
  • Atajos
  • Sincronización con iPad y Android

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This version would bring very useful elements to the user interface of the system.

By Sergio J. Ortiz – Feb 4, 2020ShareFacebookTwitter

The launch of watchOS 6 was a turning point in the wearable’s operating system, especially in the Apple Watch Series 5, as it takes full advantage of its performance. But there are always details to polish and aspects to improve.

So as soon as we saw this concept of watchOS 7 we instantly knew that you might be interested. A designer wanted to see how some functions would look in the user interface of Apple’s smart watch, and some of them are very necessary.

Apple is expected to present all the new features of watchOS 7 during its annual WWDC conference in June. So the company still has plenty of time to develop and implement features like the ones we’re going to mention today.

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Another new feature of this watchOS 7 concept would include new suggestions for responses to Messages. These suggestions would be as follows:

  • Thank you
  • Ok
  • Yes
  • No
  • Shall we talk later?
  • Wait…
  • I’ll be right back

On the other hand, Matt has had some very bright ideas to improve the battery life of the Apple Watch through watchOS 7. For example, the inclusion of a much more effective power saving mode that won’t lose everything but the time.

The normal mode promises 18 hours and usually offers a little more to most people. The current battery saving mode makes the clock basically useless, it even takes 2 to 5 seconds to display the time and that’s almost an eternity for a technology device.

And finally, Matt recommends introducing a mode for the weekend that allows the Apple Watch to continue working but with most features disabled. For example, complications would work but activity monitoring would not, disabling also notifications, pedometer, GPS and heart rate monitoring.

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