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This new option is the “Hidden Night Mode” of iOS 11

All rumors pertaining to iOS 11 pointed to the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system coming along with a Night Mode, Dark Mode or Theater Mode .

After the presentation of iOS 11 at Apple’s WWDC 2017, many users were slightly disappointed that Cupertino’s firm had not introduced such a novelty.

This new option is the “Hidden Night Mode” of iOS 11
This new option is the “Hidden Night Mode” of iOS 11

However, as we looked at these 100 new features of iOS 11, we realized something truly amazing. iOS 11 does have a Night Mode!

For many years Apple has offered an accessibility option on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows iOS users to reverse the colors of the user interface .

However, this colour inversion also affects the images and other elements of the system. That is why Apple has created a new mode called “Smart Invert Colors”.

The old option will still be available in iOS 11. But the new feature will not reverse the colors of graphic content so you can still see the elements in their original form with all the benefits of a Night Mode.

The new iOS 11 option can be found in Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Settings .

For example, in the Photos application the menu bars look dark, but the photos remain in their original colors . On the other hand, on the home screen, the wallpaper and icons do NOT reverse their colors.

For other applications such as Clock, which already have their own dark theme, the effect does not apply. And in Safari, to mention another example, you can use Read Mode to have a customised Night Mode.

If you’ve been waiting for the Night Mode in iOS 11 , this new option will come in handy. What do you think about this interesting new feature? Should it be included in the iOS 11 Control Center?

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