This new concept of Apple Watch Series 6 circular will make you fall in love

La corona digital del Apple Watch podría incorporar sensores táctiles, luminosos, e incluso Touch ID

De momento, nos quedan unos cuantos meses para saber qué es lo que le depara a la gama de relojes inteligentes de Apple. Como mínimo, tendremos que esperar a la WWDC 2020 , donde se suele anunciar una buena ración de novedades para el Apple Watch en forma de una actualización de watchOS. Hasta entonces, seguiremos soñando con que Apple lanze un Apple Watch redondo algún día.

This new concept of Apple Watch Series 6 circular will make you fall in love
This new concept of Apple Watch Series 6 circular will make you fall in love

With smart watches, not only the Apple Watch, but also those that came before Android or even Pebble, there has always been a major dispute. A battle between maintaining the classic format of the round dials that so characterizes the more traditional watches, or leaving behind those forms to bet on other more “digital” ones. Even now, several years after the launch of the Apple Watch, there are still people who are not quite used to the design.

The fact is that we must recognise that clocks have been with us for too long, and abandoning the association that many of us make between the concept of the clock’ and round dials is really difficult. For this reason, a part of the Apple fan community also wonders if it would be possible to see in the future a version of the Apple Watch with an alternative format . In this case, with a circular design that would probably delight many.

Created by Phone Industry Design, this concept of the Apple Watch brings a completely new design that may be too reminiscent of what we find in competing products such as the Galaxy Watch. In addition, seems to leave behind the digital crown , something that although we have no doubt that it could be more aesthetic, it doesn’t convince us. Especially because we are talking about an element that has become a sign of identity of the watch within the category, and a fundamental control method in watchOS.

However, leaving the crowns aside, we also found that it would make use of such rumored technologies as microLED panels. As many of you will know, this new display technology will help to achieve a much more efficient energy consumption , which would allow to bring expected functions such as sleep tracking.

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