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this new concept brings us closer to the final design

La función de privacidad de iOS 14 que Android no tardará en copiar

Obviamente se trata de un concepto de iPhone 12 y no sabemos si finalmente la compañía del logo de la manzana mordida presentará un teléfono similar. Pero según hemos podido descubrir mediante los rumores que han ido surgiendo durante los últimos meses, es más que probable que el diseño de la línea de iPhone 12 se asemeje mucho al producto final que será lanzado a finales de 2020.

this new concept brings us closer to the final design
this new concept brings us closer to the final design

¡A nosotros nos encanta! ¿Tú qué opinas sobre este concepto de iPhone 12? ¿Te gusta ese estilo? ¿Qué cambiarías?

Apple is going to introduce four models of iPhone 12 at the end of this year, probably during the month of September. Therefore, lately there are many rumors and leaks about its design and other features.

By now we know -almost for sure- that all four iPhone 12 models will have an OLED screen and 5G connectivity. As for their design, there is speculation that Apple has been inspired by a combination of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 11.

Today, let’s take a look at what the design of the iPhone 12 could be. An amateur designer named Devam Jangra has shared some images collected in an interesting video of a very realistic concept of the iPhone 12 . It’s quite accomplished. Look, look!

In the video, we see an iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Max, an iPhone 12 Pro, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Pro models have a triple camera, while the others have a dual camera. It is also worth noting that all of them have the flat edges . On the other hand, they would be available in 7 different and very striking colours: purple, white, orange, green, black, PRODUCT(RED) and blue.

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