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This is what the inside of the Steve Jobs Theater looks like

Four days is what Apple workers have to finish the Steve Jobs Theater auditorium . We’re convinced that they’ll be racing against time to finish all the details so that everything is perfect on the key day of that building, the presentation of the iPhone 8 or Edition and the iPhone 7s. Today we have published photographs of the interior of this auditorium, taken in July, where we see many of its details.

A few days ago we showed you the plans of this auditorium located in the Apple Park, appreciating that the real core of this building is underground and at the top we only have the lobby.

This is what the inside of the Steve Jobs Theater looks likeThis is what the inside of the Steve Jobs Theater looks like

Now, a hypothetical employee who has been able to access this building, has posted on his Twitter account numerous images about the interior of this room, where in four days we will finally see the presentation of Apple’s flagship.

As we can see, the interior of the seats has all the wiring hidden, with integrated and retractable armrests. In addition, it is thought that under the seats themselves or in front, Apple would have incorporated plugs thinking of the press correspondents, so that they can charge their devices, in addition to having a LAN socket. Furthermore, we remember that each seat you can see in the image above, has a value of $14,000 , for us, a wild ride. The only thing we hope is that they are comfortable.

This same user has hung up another photo of the outside of the Steve Jobs Theater where we see numerous windows so you can enjoy the views of the Apple Park due to its elevated position.

Exterior Steve Jobs Theater

These images are in line with all those we have seen of this site, which we will see in detail next Tuesday, even if it is from our homes via streaming. Here are some more images.

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