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This is what the Apple TV 4K hides inside

The Apple TV 4K has gone through the hands of iFixit, a company famous for taking apart all the devices on the market. The new Apple TV was not going to be less and that’s why have shown us all the users that there is inside this small gadget that can give us many hours of fun. Will there be any difference inside it compared to the interior ro generation will be exactly the same? iFixit solves all the doubts.

To increase the performance of this Apple TV and to be able to run video in 4K, Cupertino’s have equipped it with a refrigerated A10X chip using a large fan that we found as soon as we opened the lid of the Apple TV. This internal fan has a considerable diameter, occupying the entire width of the box. You can see that the new components for using a 4K resolution give off quite a lot of heat . Something that I was wondering about, and that after seeing different analyses I have been able to solve, is the issue of the sound that could be emitted, although is apparently barely audible in operation, something that should have been commented on in your presentation.

This is what the Apple TV 4K hides inside
This is what the Apple TV 4K hides inside

Source: iFixit

This fan, it seems, is quite easy to remove to put in a new one or simply to clean it of possible dust that may accumulate. Furthermore, inside it we find the already mentioned or A10X chip next to the Gigabit Ethernet controller and it uses two separate RAMs. One RAM is 2GB and the other is 1GB. In total, it would have 3GB of RAM , like the ones currently in the iPhone range. Here we can see the great performance it will have.

Something that has also attracted attention is the interior design that does not use wiring, as the power is transmitted by conductive messages. In conclusion, the interior design has been intelligently modified, although on the outside we see a very similar design. Furthermore, in iFixit it has been given an 8/10 mark for the ease with which it can be dismantled by a user with basic knowledge for simple repairs.

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