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This is what people are capable of doing to buy an iPhone X

Galloping, this Indian man has managed to acquire a brand new iPhone X. Quite a feat, to be fair. He set himself a goal, he got on the back of a horse, printed a banner and headed off on an adventure with an Apple Store as his destination and with a very clear goal: to buy an iPhone X. La forma más absurda de conseguir un iPhone 8 gratis: tatuajes

Sin duda, se trata de una forma realmente curiosa y divertida de salir a comprar un iPhone X . Y, además, es muy buena publicidad para la compañía de la manzana mordida. ¿Y tú? ¿Ya has ido a por tu iPhone X? ¿Estás esperando a que llegue a tu casa? Cuéntanos tu experiencia en la compra del nuevo smartphone de Apple en el apartado de comentarios y en las redes sociales.

This is what people are capable of doing to buy an iPhone X
This is what people are capable of doing to buy an iPhone X


I’m sure many of our readers are really excited about the official launch of iPhone X at the Apple Store. How excited are you? I bet you’re not as excited as this young Indian guy.

Apple’s iPhone X arrived in India just yesterday, just like the other countries internationally. Success was assured, with long queues at the Apple Stores in every city. But among the large crowd of Apple fans, there was someone who attracted a lot of attention…

Mahesh Paliwal came galloping into the Apple Store with a horse adorned with all kinds of beads, with a banner that said “I love iPhone X” and even with his own brass band… What a party!

It wasn’t his wedding, he wasn’t employed by Apple, he was simply a consumer who wanted his new iPhone X very badly.

He even got the iPhone X while he was sitting on his horse. Fortunately for him, the shop owner gladly gave it to him.

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