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This is what Battlefield 4 looks like on the iPad Air 2 with Metal

One of the things that was talked about at the time when Apple showed us iOS 8 at WWDC and its new technologies is that the best was yet to come. The new languages Swift and Metal had a lot to say in the future, and that was only something in the hands of the good know-how of the developers . Apple offers the best development tools, where the limits are only set by the creativity and possibilities of the programmers.

Well, it seems that the development of games in Metal is beginning to bear fruit. Frostbite is a video game engine for consoles, mobiles and PCs, and is in charge of the development of Battlefield. Now its creators are testing Battlefield 4 for iOS and they already dare to show us some screenshots of what they have achieved on the iPad Air 2.

This is what Battlefield 4 looks like on the iPad Air 2 with Metal
This is what Battlefield 4 looks like on the iPad Air 2 with Metal

This new version of the rendering engine is capable of moving 1.3 million triangles simultaneously on screen, without clutter. It is able to manage dynamics such as the destruction of objects or light sources that move, and everything happens in real time .

This requires quite a high power, and the iPad Air 2 is able to deliver it while maintaining the quality of modeling detail . The problem really comes when you find the limit of the hardware and the software , and that’s when the developer is forced to remove objects from the scenario or reduce their complexity, taking away the fidelity to the subject.

However, with the arrival of Metal – Apple’s API for low-level graphics management – it is now possible to take full advantage of hardware . According to the creators of Frostbite with Metal you can get more out of the performance of the processors Apple mounts on its iDevices , giving you the ability to create more realistic games.

Still there is a lot of work to do, but of course the results are really promising , and the hopes for Battlefield are very high. And once again it is proven that integration software + hardware are essential for a platform to be able to give the best possible user experience.

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