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This is ‘Viv’, the new personal assistant of the same creators of Siri

As we anticipated a couple of days ago, Siri’s creators finally introduced their new personal assistant. This is ‘Viv’, an artificial intelligence platform that according to its creators, “is better than Siri” due to its ability to understand complex tasks and phrases.

During the Disrupt conference organized by TechCrunch, Dag Kittlaus, co-founder of Siri, was in charge of presenting his most recent creation. To demonstrate the capabilities of ‘Viv’, the executive tested the assistant by asking him to call a car from Uber, reserve a room through integration with , among other tasks.

This is ‘Viv’, the new personal assistant of the same creators of Siri
This is ‘Viv’, the new personal assistant of the same creators of Siri

Viv’ was also able to answer very concrete and somewhat complicated questions. For example, the executive asked him, will it be more than 30 degrees near the Golden Gate Bridge after 5pm the day after tomorrow? The assistant answered “no, it won’t be that hot” , and to give this information he had to connect to the application ‘Weather Underground’ .

According to Kittlaus, ‘Viv’ incorporates a platform with natural language technology, which makes it possible to understand the intention of each question, as well as to create a context between each question and answer, all with the aim that the assistant is able to follow a conversation without changing the subject or without answering with evasions, as current assistants do when they do not understand the questions.

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, ‘Viv’ has been in development for several years now and rumours have it that companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are behind this important project . At the moment we have no information about when the assistant will be available to everyone, so for now we can only wait and see the demonstration that its creator did to show the qualities of the new personal assistant.

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