This is the wereable you can give away this Christmas

We are on the doorstep of Black Friday , which means that Christmas shopping time is about to officially begin.

Throughout this weekend there are many different offers that are appearing in the large surfaces – both physical and digital. Amazon, AliExpress, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt or FNAC, among others, are taking advantage of the famous Black Friday and Ciber Monday to bring users the best products at an unbeatable price.

This is the wereable you can give away this Christmas
This is the wereable you can give away this Christmas

This is a great opportunity to get the best gifts for the important dates that are coming up. Especially if we are looking for a technological product, such as an activity bracelet – known worldwide as wereable -.

Within this category, there are many possibilities offered by the market, with brands such as Polar or Fitbit. The problem mainly for these cases -even with discounts- is the high cost of these activity wristbands for what they offer, with prices comparable to those of a smartwatch .

It is now that we are looking for an activity bracelet with a better price/quality ratio, and yes, it is now that I am pulling out the classic topic of you buying a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 . But really, is it worth as much as they say?

Good, nice and cheap, Xiaomi

This new generation of Xiaomi quantifiers began arriving in the summer of this year after the resounding successes of the first generation and the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. The big news is its new OLED screen , thanks to which we can view notifications and our records without depending on the mobile application. You might think that it could multiply several times the price of previous generations by this fact, but it is not.

The strengths of this Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are:

  • New strap with improved closure. More comfortable and resistant than the previous one.
  • Incorporation of a heart rate monitor. We saw it on the Mi Band 1S and now it’s coming to the next generation.
  • OLED screen. What the previous versions lacked.
  • Battery. There’s no wasable that lasts longer. About 20 days on average.
  • Capacitive button. Thanks to it, we can switch between the different records to display them on the My Band screen.
  • IP67 resistance. Something most competitors lack, water and dust resistance.
  • Activity alert. If you are not moving for a while, the bracelet will invite you to do some exercise.
  • Improvement of already known records. These are sleep monitoring, step count, kilometers traveled, calories burned and heart rate.
  • Compatibility. With both iOS and Android.

With this video from our Andro4all partners you will have the opportunity to see it in action .

How do I get it?

Through the internet, there are many options. The problem is, if it is a fast delivery, the price can even double, and if it is a Chinese site, it may not arrive until early 2017. The best option at the moment is AliExpress Plaza .

As we saw before, in AliExpress Plaza the products are sent from Spain through Correos . Thanks to this we can keep a very good price and a fast delivery.

I personally ventured to order it on 11.11, Friday. On Monday I had it in my possession. So I recommend this method .

Would you dare to buy it? If so, go to the AliExpress Plaza website and get the best gift for Christmas.

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