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This is the View-Master VR, Apple’s first virtual reality viewer

For some time now we have seen large companies begin to dive into one of the least researched segments of technology today: virtual reality. This technology is called, along with augmented reality, to be the next step in innovation of both terminals and intelligent accessories , to complete the perfect connected home.

This is how Apple has decided to take its first steps in this technology and has done it in the simplest way possible: by putting a virtual reality viewer on sale in its online store. This first contact with virtual reality may indicate that we will see more developments from Apple in this segment , although it is still too early to speculate so for the moment we will focus on the View Master VR .

This is the View-Master VR, Apple’s first virtual reality viewerThis is the View-Master VR, Apple’s first virtual reality viewer

The View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack can be purchased at the Apple Store for $29 . In exchange for this modest amount we will receive within 3 to 4 weeks a small viewer that reminds us a lot of Google’s Cardboard, a bet of the search engine that recently reached more countries, but that obviously has better manufacturing materials and a more striking design.

This accessory consists of a case and a pair of lenses, and all you need to start the immersive experience is to download the View Master application to one of the compatible apps, iPhone 5 and above, and you’re done. Here’s a video demonstrating how this accessory works. While is not the first iPhone compatible, it is the first one officially released by the company .

With more than a billion active devices in the world and many of them being iPhones, it is to be expected that Apple expects to make a considerable profit from the sale of this accessory , at least initially. In addition, it begins to gain experience in the branch of virtual reality, while studying the behavior of its users around this technology.

So while Apple is slowly looking to expand into Android, it is also looking to other technologies that have started to be a trend. What can we expect in the near future? New iPhones with this integrated technology? New experiences?

Leave your comments and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next!