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This is the video that will convince you to buy an iPhone 8


Every day we get to know more details about the impressive iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition. As we recently mentioned, the latest thinking points to a flat OLED screen, which joins the almost certain features such as the absence of a physical Home button and the borderless display . But regardless of the specifications per se , sometimes we don’t realize what they really imply.

This is the video that will convince you to buy an iPhone 8
This is the video that will convince you to buy an iPhone 8

And if you read the post about what are OLED screens and why the next iPhone will have one, you will know that this technology allows much more intense colors – not to be confused with overkill – and a very deep black, which will allow an impressive Dark Mode or Theater Mode in iOS 11, with which the new iPhone 8 is expected to have.

That’s why designer Vianney le Masne has let his imagination run wild by combining OLED display, theatre mode and borderless design to create this amazing video. As the artist explains, the Theatre mode is not just about colour inversion, you can always go a step further and make it an experience by playing with contrasts and taking advantage of OLED technology.

Moreover, with this striking design many developers may bet on using black as the background color of their apps’ interfaces , changing the current trend of boring white.

As you can see, Manse’s creation gives full credit to his words, because one thing is clear: iOS is truly impressive and changes the user’s perception , making it much more impressive. In the photos you can see what it would be like to make calls, listen to music, receive messages or simply see the screen in the background. But don’t miss the video to enjoy its full creation.

How do you like the Theatre mode with the new OLED screen? Are you opening your wallet now too?


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