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This is the unboxing of the Apple Watch Sport

Finally after a few long months of waiting, we must remember that the Apple Watch was presented on September 9 last year, yesterday was the day chosen by Apple for buyers who booked the Apple Watch on April 10 to receive their long-awaited new toy. And, of course, as usual, the first unboxings have started to appear, among which we have chosen the most popular model, the Apple Watch in its Sport edition, to show you.

As we told you yesterday the packaging of the Apple Watch Sport differs from the packaging of the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition . The latter two have a square box that undoubtedly reminds us of a classic watch box, with a very careful finish. In the case of the Apple Watch Sport the box is, as you can see in the video, long and made of a white plastic that feels quite good. It does not disagree with the philosophy of this model.

This is the unboxing of the Apple Watch Sport
This is the unboxing of the Apple Watch Sport

Besides that, another aspect that differentiates the Sport edition from the other two editions is the charger, which, instead of being made of metal is totally made of plastic . Its operation is exactly the same but this change of material may not be to everyone’s taste, especially as far as its appearance is concerned.

If there is one thing that both the reviews and these first unboxings of the users have agreed on, it is the quality of the sports strap. Although the fact that it is made of plastic may create some reticence in all cases the sensations have been very positive .

It’s been an informative one-day thing. All the news in the Apple world has a common denominator called Apple Watch. From applications that are updated with support for this device to aspects unknown until now, the Apple Watch is on everyone’s lips .

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