This is the slimmest iPhone wireless charger we’ve ever tested

With the addition of wireless charging on iPhone since the 2017 models, Apple has looked at a few such chargers. Today’s miniBatt charger is called UltraSlim for one simple reason: it’s a super-slim wireless charger. In fact, it’s the thinnest we’ve ever tested at Apple.

UltraSlim miniBatt wireless charger, technical specifications

  • Type of charger: wireless.
  • Qi standard: WPC 1.2.
  • Compatibility: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max
  • Coils: 1.
  • Dimensions: 69 x 69 x 3.4mm.
  • Input: 5V – 2A 9V – 1.67A
  • Output: 5V – 1A 9V – 1A
  • Efficiency: 75%.
  • Quick charge: yes, but not specified by the manufacturer.
  • Where to buy: 25.90 euros in Macnificos.

A wireless charger designed for travel

The truth is that charging an iPhone wirelessly is an add-on that brings convenience to everyday life. It’s not essential, but it’s good to have it there . In the past we’ve looked at several wireless iPhone chargers (here, here and here), but never one so thin.

This is the slimmest iPhone wireless charger we’ve ever tested
This is the slimmest iPhone wireless charger we’ve ever tested

In AppleSuper Thin Wireless Charger by Peel: So thin it’s hard to believe it’s an iPhone wireless charger

Even the Peel charger we saw a few months ago isn’t that thin. The 3.4mm of the minibat charger is below the 5mm of the Peel charger . The rest of its dimensions are also quite compact as it is hidden when we place an iPhone XS (one of the narrowest of all compatible) on top of the charger.

The charger fits completely underneath an iPhone XS with a case.

This makes the UltraSlim a perfect travel charger . When you hold it in your hand, you don’t even think about putting it in a travel bag or suitcase. You roll up the cable and throw it in. In addition, it weighs only 30 grams, counting the cable. So you don’t have to worry about it taking up or weighing too much in your suitcase either.

No doubt about it: this is the lightest and most compact charger we have tested so far

Another question that often arises with this type of charger is whether it can do its job when the iPhone is protected by a case. We tried the official Apple one without any problems. Without a case, the charger has a thin rubber disc so that when you put the terminal in it, it does so smoothly.

One last plus point I find is that the cable is integrated in the load disc . This has the advantage that you avoid having to remember to put charger and cable in and even having another USB cable in your life. However, the miniBatt UltraSlim is not free from what I consider a small-big inconvenience in wireless chargers: the LED lights.

Very few models (as far as I know, only Peel’s) lack an annoying little light that tells you if your iPhone is charging correctly or not. This model does, but at least it’s in the USB-A port and not integrated into the dock. Less annoying than in other locations.

25,90 euros en Macnificos.

Finally, let’s talk about your price. For 25.90 euros is above the usual suspects in online shops. But this miniBatt model justifies it by its very small dimensions and weight that we have never seen in a wireless charger.

Where to buy

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