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This is the new multimedia view of Tweetbot 2.8

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Tweetbot , one of the most used Twitter customers, has updated its iOS version by launching a new viewer for the media files posted by our friends on the service along with other news. We were missing news about this application, especially after seeing how Twitterrific wanted to stand up to it with its latest version.

This is the new multimedia view of Tweetbot 2.8
This is the new multimedia view of Tweetbot 2.8

The new Tweetbot viewer consists of a list of photos and videos that users we follow have posted on their Twitter accounts, much like the main Instagram list looks. It doesn’t focus on the tweets themselves, but simply shows the photos and videos posted and discards the rest of the messages where nothing is included.

To open the list, just click on the square button at the beginning of our main list of tweets. This is especially useful if we use lists, because the viewer can be invoked from one of them and all the images and videos pass a second filter so that only the images in this list are seen . Tweetbot knows that the intelligent management of Twitter lists treated as alternative timelines is one of its best assets, so it has not hesitated to continue to care about that point.

In addition to this media panel we also have a redesigned image viewer that loads faster (and is capable of viewing Instagram photos, by the way) and closes images with a simple downward gesture of our finger. Perfect for when you’re holding your iPhone in one hand. Tweetbot costs 2.69 euros for both the iPhone and the iPad, although you have to buy each version separately. I don’t think it will take long to see this same viewer for the OS X version of the client.


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