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This is the new language launched at WWDC14

This is a new language invented by Apple . The first thing one wonders is why all the big companies are so fond of inventing new languages (Sun with java, MS with C

  • Is Apple going to lead by example and start developing its own apps with Swift? This is key and without it, the language will go nowhere.
  • How does it integrate with key Cocoa technologies such as Core Data?
  • How will it be received by large development companies?
  • In my opinion, we will see a very rapid adoption of Swift by “Indie” developers: they have less pre-existing code and can be more risky. In companies with large Objective-C code bases, adoption should be much slower, and it is expected that for senior iOS OSX development positions, a solid knowledge of both Swift and Objective-C will continue to be required.

    This is the new language launched at WWDC14
    This is the new language launched at WWDC14

    It is also possible that Swift, with its much simpler language aspect than Objective-C and more conventional typing, may attract new developers to the platform.

    Now what, Swift or Objective C?

    Mu fasil, maifrén: both of them. 😉

    Many now question what to do and what will happen: Is Swift replacing Objective-C? If I am learning Objective-C, should I stop and jump into Swift? What do you think will happen with Swift and Objective C?

    Apple has been very clear and common sense tells us the same thing: Objective-C is not going to disappear . Both languages are destined to coexist and in fact, Swift has been designed to cohabit well with Objective-C .

    If you live from developing for iOS or OSX you will most likely have to learn Swift in the future. However, today the present is Objetive-C and in the future you will have a new partner.

    Objective-C and Swift, flying together.

    Anyway, I leave you my first thoughts on this relationship that I published yesterday in my personal blog CocoaMental.

    Serenity and patience, a lot of patience

    The story of Apple releasing and killing languages is not very good (see Dylan’s incredible and sad story), however, something tells me that this time it could be different. Learn more about Swift throughout the week and watch Apple over the next few months. Right now I’m finishing devouring the 800 pages of the book and I’ll be telling you my conclusions.

    When in doubt, “Serenity and patience” 😉

    In short, as the Mexican superhero Kaliman said: “Serenity and patience, a lot of patience”. 😉