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This is the new iOS 7 Streaming Photo

Photos in Streaming is renewed in iOS 7 and this time it brings us what it should have been from the beginning: a private place where we can share our photos (and now videos) only with the people we want and with a social experience much more visible than the initial one.

Apple describes it better than anyone else on its website:

This is the new iOS 7 Streaming Photo
This is the new iOS 7 Streaming Photo

Having said that, let’s take a look at what’s new with Photos on Streaming.

What’s new in Photos in Streaming on iOS 7

  • Apple has modified the way we select our images and share them with our contacts, from my point of view, much more simple and intuitive than the previous one. Now, being inside the Photos applications, we have to press the “Share” button and select the iCloud icon.
  • As we mentioned before, you can now share videos as well.
  • Now you can change the sequence of the photo or video album, share it or create a new one, just by tapping on the name of the current sequence.
  • To add a note to the photo or video you share, you must do so above the text box.
  • Once you’ve shared an album, the people you share it with can add photos or videos to it.
  • If you want to quickly view photos or videos without having to go through the comments, you can do so by putting your iPad or iPhone into landscape mode.

With this revision of the concept that appeared in iOS 6, Apple has succeeded in resolving the shortcomings that were initially criticized. The fact that we can add our own photographs to the album of a contact who is sharing content with us is a great improvement.

As the iMore guys have pointed out very well, Photos on Streaming in iOS 7 covers two fields. On the one hand, the social aspect is much more present and the interaction with our contacts becomes much more obvious. But on the other hand, anyone who simply wants to browse photos and videos as if they were their own Gallery can do so perfectly by putting their iPad or iPhone into landscape mode.

How about Photos on Stream? Will you use its features?

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