This is the new iOS 11 Control Center

iOS 11 is already a reality among developers, and will soon be a reality for all users of devices that support this software update. Apple already advanced some of the first images of this update at the WWDC conference, but today there are already many images, videos and tests by the developers that give us a new idea of how this control center will be.

Many of the developers who are already testing iOS 11 , are showing some new features of this new operating system. The most important thing is to know what this new control center is.

This is the new iOS 11 Control Center
This is the new iOS 11 Control Center

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For the most clueless this control center is that tab that we could open once we slid the finger from the lower frame of the terminal upwards , and there we found different parameters such as the plane or night mode, the bluetooth, the intensity of the screen brightness and some shortcuts to the camera or the calculator.

Now this new control center is organized in a single tab , where it will be fragmented into different widgets. This way, Apple finishes with that the different tabs and bets to agglutinate everything in one.

In the presentation itself they showed us some images, but we already have new ones from various users with the beta of this update, which already show how this control center works. In it we’ll have all our widgets, and we can simply open different menus in each one using the 3D Touch .

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With this new design Apple wants to provide a better user experience in response to public demand for a better control center for iPhone and iPad. No doubt devices like the iPod Touch, in its sixth generation will also have their share of iOS 11 and of course of this new control center.

Now let’s hope that it’s soon when Apple opens this new update not only to developers , and we can all enjoy not only this news but the rest that make up this new iOS update.

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