This is the new iOS 11 App Store

iPhone users are already crazy about having iOS 11 on their devices , and it’s no wonder, this update will go down in history for bringing great news not only to the iPhone, but also to the world of apple.

Many were the new features presented at WWDC 2017, but without a doubt one of the most striking of all, and one that is sure to leave no one indifferent, is the update both inside and out of our beloved applications store .

This is the new iOS 11 App Store
This is the new iOS 11 App Store

Starting with the basics, Apple has redesigned the application’s logo without much novelty but with a much flatter and more visual look, eliminating that circle surrounding the application’s logo.

Once inside and having previously installed iOS 11, we will see the great aesthetic change suffered by the application, where the different apps that we can download will look very similar to Apple Music with titles and subtitles in bold , great promotional images of each application and a very visual design.

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No doubt this design will remind us much more of this new trend, where it seems that Apple wants us to see the different applications better and to be able to download them easily . Larger cards and images are just what will make users focus on a few applications rather than seeing them all at once.

Of course, a division between everyday applications and games is also available in the App Store. Both categories are completely separate within the App Store.

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From now on it will be much easier not only to find the applications with this new division, but to inform us and have all the details about the apps , with this redesign of the app cards.

Perhaps the only drawback to this new and redesigned App Store, is that we will only see it for all audiences from September , but at least we will always have Applesupportphonenumber to see all the news, which not only has brought this App Store but in general iOS 11.

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