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This is the new GoPro App for the Apple Watch

Some time ago we did a review on iPadizate about the GoPro application for iOS devices. Well, now the GoPro guys have announced an update of the iPhone application that brings support for the Apple Watch .

That’s right, the new GoPro application will allow the user to operate his camera very easily and quickly directly from the Apple Watch . Here are more details about how this GoPro application for the Apple smartwatch will look, which is sure to leave no one indifferent.

This is the new GoPro App for the Apple WatchThis is the new GoPro App for the Apple Watch

If you were thinking of buying a GoPro and you also own an Apple Watch, this application can help you take that step of buying the camera. If you already have a GoPro, you’ll see how being able to operate it from your wrist is much more comfortable than using your mobile phone .

The new version of the GoPro application includes support for the Watch

The GoPro iOS application allows you to remotely operate the camera , which is really useful when you have it placed on a tripod, with a suction cup on the side of the car… Also, one of the nice things about it is that you can see a preview of what it’s focusing on, turn it on and off, decide when to take a picture or record video, etc.

The new version 2.11 of the GoPro app for iOS brings with it a very important new feature, which is none other than the support for the Apple Watch. With the smartwatch app you can start and stop a recording, preview what you’re focusing on with the camera , change the recording mode and even mark out outstanding scenes.

On the other hand, the application for iPhone and iPad (remember that it is universal), has also suffered some improvements. For example, now it’s much easier to take a shot and share it from the GoPro app , as you can go frame by frame until you find the perfect moment you want.

Download the GoPro application for your iPhone and Apple Watch

The GoPro application is available on the App Store and is now not only compatible with the iPhone and iPad, it also supports the Apple Watch. Also, don’t forget that it’s a completely free application.

Do you have a GoPro and an Apple Watch? Have you tried the application to manage your camera from the clock? Tell us your experience in the comments!