This is the new concept of the folding iPhone that drives us crazy

iPhone Z, el concepto plegable a lo Samsung Galaxy Fold

El gran inconveniente, si es que se le puede llamar así, que tenemos los usuarios de Apple es que la compañía prefiere tomarse su tiempo para dar pasos tan fundamentales en el diseño de sus productos. A veces, se podría decir que se toman demasiado tiempo para ponerse simplemente al mismo nivel que otros competidores. Lo bueno de esto es que, precisamente porque lo hacen a su ritmo, nos tienen acostumbrados a hacerlo mejor. O al menos, de una forma que realmente aporta valor al usuario, que es lo primordial.

This is the new concept of the folding iPhone that drives us crazy
This is the new concept of the folding iPhone that drives us crazy

Many may consider 2019 to be the year of the folding phone. Throughout its twelve months, we have seen how the brands have brought their particular vision to bear on a single concept made possible by the latest flexible display technology. However, we have also had the unfortunate opportunity to see the fact that may not be ready to become general consumer products, the Galaxy Fold being the biggest example of this.

However, it is thanks to the brands that have begun to dare to take the leap that users are increasingly seeing a future with folding phones . Therefore, in 2020 we should be able to continue to see new, probably more successful, attempts that could begin to reach our pockets. Even so, it seems that we are all clear that if there is one brand capable of getting this concept off the ground once and for all, it is Apple.

Thus, there are already users who have begun to imagine what would be an iPhone with a flexible screen , and above all, have already begun to think about all the possibilities it could offer us with respect to our current conception of what a smartphone is. One of the most recent and fascinating is that created by Hasan Kaymak, who has shared some truly futuristic designs, but which retain the essence of today’s iPhone. And seen like this, it doesn’t look like anything Apple can’t do.

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