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This is the new complaint affecting iPhone 7 users

A new problem regarding the iPhone 7 has taken hold among device users. According to comments in various photos by Apple users, the latest version of the iPhone is presenting problems with paint wear on the edges. Specifically, users report seeing wear and tear on the matte black iPhone 7, the smallest model.

Apparently, Apple Support has not been helpful in replacing or repairing the affected devices , calling it a cosmetic defect discovered.

This is the new complaint affecting iPhone 7 users
This is the new complaint affecting iPhone 7 users

As you can see 9to5mac some users have described in iPhone 7 user forums their experiences with this problem

Other affected areas appear to include the back of the device near the Apple logo and around the volume buttons:

Some users report that they have been able to remedy the problem with basic acrylic paint by attending local shops, but that, of course, will not prevent other areas of the device from wearing out.

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Obviously, wear and tear is expected with something used as often as an iPhone, but many users affected by this problem report that paint wear starts right after their purchase.

It is not clear how widespread this problem is at this time and it is not known if an Apple response is guaranteed, however it has raised an alert among iPhone 7 matte users, who perhaps saw this wear and tear as normal.

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