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This is the new Apple Remote

Nuevo Apple Remote de aluminio

Protected by a transparent plastic box, similar to the one that also wraps the Magic Mouse, the first thing that surprises us is the larger size compared to its predecessor.

This is the new Apple RemoteThis is the new Apple Remote

The remote control is a must for those of us who use our Mac as a media center, or to watch movies on the go, give presentations… Apple launched its first model with the iMac G5 and hasn’t changed it since – until the launch of the latest iMac a few months ago.

The new design is shown according to the current Apple line , based on aluminium and with black touches. And even this controller has been given a new look with Unibody technology: This Apple Remote has no joints, no screws and no parts that can be “separated”, except for the battery cover. But let’s look at it in detail.

Minimalist, transparent packaging

As you can see in the photos, the protective box in which the new Apple Remote is included is practically the same as that of the Magic Mouse . It fits perfectly to the remote, so much so that it looks like there is no box. However, the protection is robust and keeps the product perfectly protected during handling and transport.

On the back, a brief description of the product and little more. Of course, don’t expect it to include any kind of software on physical media… or digital. At the moment, the software is identical to the old Apple Remote. ” And that’s not logical? “, you may ask… No, because this new Apple Remote has one more button … Exactly, the central button is also a button.

A change in design

What is most striking about the first contact is the larger size compared to the previous model. It looks more flashy, but it really isn’t: It’s much more comfortable to operate the top buttons and it’s held comfortably in one hand. The weight between the two is very similar, but the new Apple Remote is very thin:

The aluminium finish and the Unibody body give it a very robust and comfortable look , changing the “playful” look of the previous one into something much more serious. The opening for the battery is located at the back, which can be accessed using a coin, very easily.


An excellent product , with really good finishes and far from the plastic look of the previous model. The buttons are comfortable to press, and the knob is held firmly in the hand.

The only “but” is the inexistence of software from Apple that takes advantage of the new central button , that we remember, was previously occupying the PlayPause button and that now has its own button next to Menu.

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