This is the new Apple app for iPhone and iPad

Apple has always been committed to music, as demonstrated by the iPod and its very high audio quality. Although lately the iPod figure is being distorted, both on the iPhone and the iPad Cupertino’s continue to bet on music . We cannot forget that Apple acquired the company Beats or how their headphones have improved exponentially with each version of these. Such is the success of the brand’s headphones that many users are opting for EarPods instead of betting on others from brands dedicated exclusively to music.

Since the launch of Apple Music and within this the social platform Apple Music Connect, Apple has focused its efforts on developing music creation tools , as has been made clear by the surprise launch of the new application for iOS Bloc Musical, as well as a major update of the application for iOS GarageBand.

Musical Pad, Apple’s new iOS application

This is the new Apple app for iPhone and iPad
This is the new Apple app for iPhone and iPad

MusicBlock is designed to allow musicians and composers to record, analyze and manipulate high quality audio without compression directly from an iPhone or iPad. The application takes its simple interface from the Voice Notes application, offering a single recording button when the application is opened.

You can overlay the sounds of drums and basses on the recordings, and this app is a tool for analyzing recordings and editing aspects such as tempo and beat . It also includes a tuner for chromatic tone notation.

GarageBand 2.1 does not fall behind

Along with Bloc Musical has come out a update of the GarageBand app that introduces fun new tools for musicians and any iOS user owner.

In GarageBand 2.1 we can find Live Loops , a fun visual feature of creating music that allows users to create buvles and DJ-style effects through multi-touch gestures. Live Loops is represented in a user-friendly grid with an instrument or sound in each cell. The sound can be manipulated by playing and mixing the different instruments and the Apple-designed loop templates, available in genres such as EDM, Hip Hop and Rock. The drum functionality that was already present in the Mac version has been added to the iOS version.

Musical Bloc and GarageBand 2.1 video

At MacRumors they have tested the two applications in a video and left us their impressions.

Download Bloc Musical

MusicBook is compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 4s and all iPads from iPad 2.

Download GarageBand 2.1

As mentioned in MacRumors, this application is free for those users who have purchased an iOS device with 32GB to 128GB of storage, so many of you can download it completely free. However, for those of you who do not have the free app you can purchase it from here.

What do you think about the new Apple application? Do you like the new features in GarageBand 2.1? Leave it in the comments!

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