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This is the icon that Siri would have in OS X 10.12

Este concepto de macOS nos muestra cómo debería ser el sistema operativo del futuro

We are less than a month away from the first official data of OS X’s successor The Captain, and therefore from now on we should start seeing traces like this more often. A source that MacRumors considers reliable has shared the screenshot you can see just above, in which you can see a new icon in the OS X dock that would belong to Siri .

This is the icon that Siri would have in OS X 10.12
This is the icon that Siri would have in OS X 10.12

So far Siri has simply been the icon of a microphone in iOS, but apparently in OS X 10.12 (or macOS if we listen to the rumors) they have wanted to capture the audio waves that appear on screen so that people recognize the assistant more.

For those who don’t want to have to press a button, the system will also allow us to use Siri with a voice command like “Hey, Siri” . In fact this option will be enabled by default on Macs, but we can disable it whenever we want without any problem.

The menu bar will also have an access to Siri , which for the moment is represented by this simple button while waiting for the designers to decide on a suitable icon for that bar. This makes us suspect that Apple may be working against the clock, something that has already caused some past news to be delayed because they did not meet the quality with which Apple wanted to launch them.

But if all goes well, we should see this Siri in the future OS X presented on June 13th, the day when Tim Cook will appear in the WWDC 2016 keynote to put the long teeth to the developers and fans of the brand. While we wait, you can always take a look at the summary of the history of this operating system.

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