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This is the greatest danger of WhatsApp states


If you use WhatsApp like every other neighbor’s child, you will know that WhatsApp states are here to stay . We didn’t have enough with Snapchat and Instagram, now we are also exposed to being bombarded with short videos with 24 hour expiration and vice versa, to anyone watching our states. Although we have already shown you the best tricks of the WhatsApp states, today we want to alert you to the dangers of the WhatsApp states .

This is the greatest danger of WhatsApp states
This is the greatest danger of WhatsApp states

The first day many of us took the test and updated our status. And there we checked that our best friend, the vet, our boss had seen it… Do we really control what we spread?

Of course, WhatsApp doesn’t really offer anything that other social networks don’t, as we’ve already discussed, but is sharing a story on Instagram the same as sharing a WhatsApp status? Well, clearly not.

It is not the same that we are seen by our followers in a social network where we probably use a nick and an avatar as our contacts, who know us by our name, surname, work and also have some kind of relationship with us. Nor can we forget that in many cases these are people who do not understand certain types of apps and are prejudiced against them. WhatsApp was born as a tool for instant communication, not to show off .

Who sees our states and who does not

This is the first of all the dangers of WhatsApp states. It is essential to configure privacy in the WhatsApp states to be clear about who sees us and who doesn’t. To do this go to States> Privacy and there choose from the three available options:

  • My contacts , which will allow all your contacts to see your statuses indiscriminately
  • My contacts, except , which incorporates exceptions that will not be able to see your status. That is, if we want to keep someone out of seeing our updates.
  • Just share with. This is the most restrictive option, since it allows you to restrict your statuses to the contacts you select from your address book and no one else will be able to access them.

However, there is one major drawback. Options two and three require us to manually select both exclusions and inclusions , so given the high volume of contacts in our address book, it is quite common for us to err on the side of caution. That is, unless we are very careful, we will always get someone unwanted.

So if you’re going to be one of those people who take advantage of WhatsApp’s statuses, you’ll need to spend as much time as you can picking out the contacts who will see your statuses and those who won’t. Also, keep this selection updated when you add new contacts .