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This is the First Generation of Apps for Apple Watch

Along with the launch of Cupertino’s new smart watch, Apple Watch applications will also be on the scene. But what will the first generation of smartwatch apps look like, and how will they evolve over time?

The way we interact with the different applications we use every day is changing, and at an incredible speed. As technology and devices advance, app development companies are offering new services and experiences to users , this is what we will talk about today.

Apple Watch: What will the first generation of your apps look like?

This is the First Generation of Apps for Apple Watch
This is the First Generation of Apps for Apple Watch

We were used, or rather accustomed, to opening applications in a defined way to access our messages, social networks, work tools, etc. Now, we usually do it through Siri, or even from anywhere on our iPhone or iPad (notifications, widgets…).

Somehow we could say that applications have been “liberated”, they have evolved to a point where specific interactions can manifest almost anywhere on our device’s screen. This is precisely what will happen with the first generation apps of the Apple Watch.

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Initially, the Apple Watch would provide us with excellent synchronization with our iOS device (especially with the iPhone) through third-party applications, notifications, and widgets. But when Apple introduced the WatchKit, they not only surprised us with glans and visual effects , but also with other extensions that were already present in iOS.

All this was made possible by Apple’s new “Extensibility” and “Continuity” features. In addition, don’t forget that the Watch will be able to measure our heart rate , the height we are at… and will even know if we have got up from the sofa! So, it’s really hard to imagine the amazing features of the Apple Watch that the future will bring.

How will your applications evolve?

Understanding how the first generation of Apple Watch applications work is important, but even more so is knowing the fundamental change regarding their interaction with other mobile devices.

It is quite complicated to predict how the Apple Watch applications will evolve in the future, but we can intuit that they will make our lives much easier than they already do . Their extensions, widgets, and future inventions will allow us to know what, when, where, and how we do what we do, even before we do it.

Of course, there will be development and compatibility problems . Looking back, the iPhone web apps had nothing to do with the excellent apps we enjoy today, but what the talented developers were able to do was brilliant, and so will the Apple Watch apps.

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As iMore rightly tells us, “The Apple Watch is not an iPhone, just as the iPhone was not a Mac. Computing moved from the servers to our desk, from there to our hands, to our pockets, and finally to our wrist.

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