This is the app that aims to replace Snapchat and Facebook

Houseparty, a video chat application focused on teenagers, is making a splash. It’s been a year since it was publicly launched and Houseparty has grown to 20 million users who together have participated in, attention, over half a billion video calls .

Twenty million may sound like a drop in the ocean compared to billions on Facebook or the 173 million user Snapchat. But the video chat application, created by the same team that founded the live streaming application Meerkat, is hitting its biggest rivals in one important way: compromise .

This is the app that aims to replace Snapchat and Facebook
This is the app that aims to replace Snapchat and Facebook

Users of the application, 60 percent of whom are under 24 years old , spend an average of 51 minutes a day chatting in the application. To put that in perspective, the average Snapchat user spends 30 minutes a day on the application. Facebook says its users spend an average of 50 minutes a day, but those figures are the result of adding Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook has taken note. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year that the social network is working on a Houseparty clone called Bonfire as part of an aggressive bid to nullify competition.

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There are some pretty striking similarities between Houseparty and Snapchat. Both have a very young and very committed user base. Both applications avoid the pitfalls typical of a large social network, saying that their service is more for “close friends”, not the whole world.both attribute this success to their ability to connect their users with their “real” friends so that they can be their “real friends”.

The application is blatantly young and fun. There’s a ghost mode, which allows you to log in without notifying your friends, allowing you to sneakily choose who you want to talk to. You can pass a text message note to someone in your current video chat without notifying other participants. The application also just added a groups feature so you can designate specific friends you want to chat with frequently.

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Dare you try it? Do you think it can compete with Facebook? Write your opinions and comments and tell us about it. We are waiting for you.

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