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This is Opera Mini 8, Opera’s new attempt to have a presence on iOS

Opera Mini

Opera’s trying it again. The Norwegian company has presented the eighth version of Opera Mini to continue its presence as an alternative to Safari on iOS, something that has already proved to be very difficult (the market share of Chrome, the main alternative, was 3% last year). But now that Apple will allow any other browser to use the rendering engine with the same advantages as Safari, this is no less interesting.

This is Opera Mini 8, Opera’s new attempt to have a presence on iOS
This is Opera Mini 8, Opera’s new attempt to have a presence on iOS

Especially since Opera Software has made an effort to renew the entire interface , giving iOS 7 a more suitable look with a choice of several themes for the browser’s home screen. The Turbo compression has also been improved, saving a good percentage of data thanks to Opera’s compression of the websites from its own servers. Perfect for people who scrimp on all the megas of their rate.

Just because of its slider, the Opera Mini 8 web address keyboard is the best I’ve seen in a browser

The home page reminds me precisely of Chrome’s, with a mosaic of icons to access our favorite websites . From there we can also enter a web address manually and create folders just like we do in the main iOS screen. Finally, we also have a special folder where complete web pages are stored so that they can be consulted without the need for a connection.

What I like most is the keyboard that Opera has invented to facilitate the entry of those web addresses: from there we have additional buttons that allow us to choose alternative search engines to Google (Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon…), read a QR code and insert a bar quickly. Special mention to a slider that allows us to move the keyboard cursor quickly in the direction, much more comfortable than the classic magnifying glass that iOS lets us use by default.

We also can’t leave out some options that advanced users will like, such as being able to choose the User Agent to make the browser behave like a desktop and blocking pop-ups. Finally, an Opera Link user account allows us to synchronize our browsing with other Opera instances just as iCloud and the Google cloud already do.

I can’t say that I’ll be using this browser usually since like many of you I’m already too used to Safari Mobile, but it’s always good to know that the alternatives are improving at a good pace just in case. I leave you with a gallery of images of the new Opera Mini 8, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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