This is my experience with the iOS 11 betas on my iPhone

Since the last WWDC 2017, Apple showed the new operating system iOS 11 with great news in both iPad and iPhone. After that, it announced the launch date of the first betas for developers.

Installing iOS 11 on my iPhone

As of today, starting in July, we have had several developer betas and a public beta of iOS 11. A developer beta usually has many performance bugs and in numerous apps that are gradually being fixed, the public beta, on the other hand, is always more polished and has a more limited number of bugs (as they have been fixed with the developer betas).

This is my experience with the iOS 11 betas on my iPhone
This is my experience with the iOS 11 betas on my iPhone

When you’re watching the presentation of the new operating system, the desire to try it out and have it on your device grows by leaps and bounds and even more so when you see how your colleagues install it and are amazed by the new features. It is very common to highlight all the new features we see but the bugs that these betas versions give are not usually counted. We overlook them when an app is closed, when something doesn’t work or when we notice something abnormal in our device. And this is what is really important.

iOS 11 Control Center (left) and iOS 10 Control Center (right)

In my case, and the one I want to tell you about, I saw how several Apple 5×1 fellow editors installed the beta on their iPhones and were jealous of it. I had only installed a public iOS 10 beta on my iPhone and it only lasted a short time on it. There were numerous bugs and they were detracting from the performance and productivity of my device. Still, the impatience to have iOS 11 on my iPhone grew to the point that I decided to install it.

iOS 11 Beta 2 issues

At the time I installed it we were in the second developer beta and so it was the one chosen to test iOS 11 on my personal iPhone. I followed the guide to install the beta published by our colleagues on the web and the process was completed perfectly, I had iOS 11 on my iPhone.

I started to mess around with this new operating system and within minutes I started noticing the first bugs. The screenshots didn’t appear, the multitasking was stopped, the battery was running out very fast and the iPhone was warming up worryingly. Even so, I continued to use my iPhone as usual and, honestly, the performance went down blatantly . Opening applications was slower, some were interrupted, and the battery didn’t last the whole day.

In short, the second developer beta wasn’t going well, at least on my iPhone. After several days with it I decided to uninstall it and go back to iOS 10.3.2.

Just when I started the restoration process, the first public beta and an improved version of the second developer beta came out, which, curiously enough, solved the problem that didn’t let you restore your iPhone. The best thing was that I was already restoring the iPhone and I didn’t spend 5 minutes researching about this bug that had already been talked about. Indeed, the restoration problems were not long in coming.

The iPhone did not go beyond DFU mode, that is, for those who do not know this screen is the one that shows the iTunes icon and the Lightning cable. My iPhone was completely empty and unable to return to iOS 10.

First I tried to go back to iOS 10.3.2 directly, which didn’t work. I downloaded iOS 10.3.1 and the consequence was the same. In Spain, it was already 4 am, a very unwise time to uninstall a beta. I talked to colleagues to get a solution, looked at tutorials and nothing. There was no way to “revive” my iPhone.

I decided to install the first developer beta , as I read. This process was successfully completed and I managed to at least turn on my iPhone. I configured my device and not being satisfied with it I decided to try to install iOS 10.3.2 again to see if I could do it from this first beta. Unfortunately, the result was the same and I was in the same situation again.

Uninstalling iOS 11 Beta 2

I reinstalled the first developer beta and later updated to the public beta , completing the process correctly, although I still couldn’t return to iOS 10.

The next morning, after talking to the technical service of an Apple Reseller, namely Rossellimac, I was given the solution .

Solution for returning to iOS 10.3.2

First I had to install the latest iOS 10.3.3 beta and then restore from iTunes and I would get back to my version. Indeed, the process was completed perfectly and to this day, without any problem.

It was a process that wasn’t complex but you have to know it to get on the right track. In my case, the experience has been definitive to forget about installing iOS beta, at least in personal use devices. The same technical service told me that there were already several iPhones that had to be considered “dead” after installing iOS 11 betas.


With this story or experience I want to reach all users who at some point have thought about installing an iOS 11 beta and are not sure. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t install it, if that’s their wish but they should be very careful and be aware of the consequences and above all, of the iPhone restoration process. As I was saying, it’s not a difficult process, but you should know exactly what to do. It’s true that my case was complicated by the bug in the second iOS 11 beta.

If you want to share your experience or any problem you have had, tell us in the comments.

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