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this is macOS 11 Big Sur

Big changes come when you least expect them, and in the case of macOS, we had not seen such a big change coming. From this year, Apple will start to make the leap to a completely new architecture for its Macs, the biggest leap since the change from PowerPC to Intel. So, we all thought that this was going to be the big change in the new version of macOS, a transition version focused on preparing everything for a smooth transition. But it was just the beginning.

Today, macOS makes the jump to version number 11 after almost 20 years with macOS 10 , and does so with a complete visual refresh and different changes that will continue to bring the system closer to iPadOS. This new version, which is called Big Sur macOS, will be the first to carry inside the first Mac with ARM chip later this year. And as they have already taught, everything has been created to work with the fluidity that we can expect from macOS.

A new visual design for the entire system and its applications

this is macOS 11 Big Sur
this is macOS 11 Big Sur

The big change of Big Sur maca is the aspect of the system itself. Absolutely everything has been redesigned , from the Dock icons, to the top bar. The new visual language, which is remarkably reminiscent of the one used in iOS and iPadOS, makes the system much easier to use. For example, you’ll find a new notification center, which now combines with the new and revamped iOS 14 widgets, intelligently integrated with the system’s notifications.

In addition, the redesign not only affects the system interface, but also the applications that accompany it. Thus all programs share a unified look , with much more polished effects, and better integration of Catalyst apps. Among the most outstanding ones, we have Messages, which now takes the iPadOS app as a starting point to give it that renewal so expected by many, along with the rest of the novelties included in the other platforms.

Safari keeps maturing to get in front of the best browsers

Along with MacOS Big Sur, Apple has brought out a version of Safari with great new features that go beyond its own redesign, where details like the new tab preview are taken care of to the millimetre. Now, we can customize the look of the browser , not only with our own images, but also with the powerful extensions, also present in the Mac App Store.

Other news that will also arrive at Safari will be the translation of websites into seven different languages , including Spanish. On the other hand, regarding privacy, Safari will inform us of the actions it takes to protect our data on the Internet, and will allow us to know when one of our passwords stored in Keychain has been compromised. In addition to this, there are improvements in the general functioning, with an average improvement of 50% in the loading of web pages compared to Chrome.

Mac Catalyst brings big changes to apps like Messages and Maps

iPadOS 14: una evolución para el iPad cargada de novedades

En cuanto a los dispositivos compatibles con la nueva versión, no encontramos grandes sorpresas:

  • MacBook de 2015 y posterior
  • MacBook Air de 2013 y posterior
  • MacBook Pro de finales de 2013 y posterior
  • Mac mini de 2014 y posterior
  • iMac de 2014 y posterior
  • iMac Pro de 2017 y posterior
  • Mac Pro de 2013 posterior

Todos ellos se sumarán a los productos que Apple anunciará en los próximos meses, los que tantas ganas teníamos de conocer en esta WWDC. Por suerte, hay suficientes novedades en estas actualizaciones como para mantenernos distraídos hasta entonces. Además, con el salto a ARM, se espera que sea un final de año realmente movido , y no queda tanto para descubrirlo.

Thanks to Mac Catalyst, we’ve been able to see how Mac app development has been greatly boosted by the ability to bring apps from iPadOS to Mac. Now, continuing the trend towards cross-platform convergence, Apple has decided to bring Big Sur MacOS big updates for apps like Messages or Apple Maps , which share code with iOS and iPadOS apps. And with it, their same features and the attractive new features they have brought with them this year.

In the case of Messages, we will have the possibility of taking advantage of the new threads and the mentions in the groups , which will now be identified with the images of the members or with personalized images. We’ll also be able to set up conversations at the top of the app’s sidebar and searching for messages will be much easier than ever before. We can even search for images and GIFs to illustrate our chats at any time, not to mention the effects or Memojis that have triumphed in iOS.

For Apple Maps, we will have an interface designed to take advantage of the large screens of the Mac, where all the information will be available in a few clicks . And of course, this also includes the new guides created by major brands around the world, specific routes for cyclists and electric car users, and other features such as interior maps and Look Around.

Availability and compatibility with current devices

These are just some of the most notable features that will come with Big Sur macOS, and that add to a long list of improvements and changes such as those designed to facilitate the transition to ARM architecture. However, even though Apple is working on big changes, you won’t have to worry. As usual, Big Sur macOS will be available from next autumn , and registered developers can get the beta from today, followed by the public beta in July.

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