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This is Lion’s recovery USB


My colleague Miguel Lopez already told us in this entry that Apple had decided to put “the Lion” also on sale in physical support via a USB stick, although it seems what will be available is the recovery functionality and not the entire operating system , failing to see what the contents of the USB.

This is Lion’s recovery USB
This is Lion’s recovery USB

In the photo that accompanies the entry that has just been published by 9to5Mac you can see the support where the recovery software will be stored. It is worth saying that Apple has released this software for free, so if you have a pendrive with more than 1GB of capacity you can have your own recovery system. Remember also that if you do this other trick that we also publish in Apple, with a USB device of higher capacity (>4GB) you can have a Lion installation USB, which is a much more interesting option in my modest opinion (and much cheaper).

After the jump, another image of the flash drive.

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