This is iEspejo, the smart mirror that Apple would design

Airselfie, el Regalo Perfecto para los Amantes de iPhone

Se trata de un prototipo que nada tiene que ver con Apple pero seamos sinceros, a más de uno de nosotros nos gustaría tenerlo en nuestro hogar y aprovechar el tiempo al máximo mientras nos acicalamos .

This is iEspejo, the smart mirror that Apple would design
This is iEspejo, the smart mirror that Apple would design

Si no te lo crees o quieres comprobar lo increíblemente guay que sería tener este iEspejo, pulsa para ver el vídeo . ¡Sencillamente impresionante! Eso sí, recuerda que sólo es un proyecto amateur interesante y no un producto oficial de Apple.

Back in February, a man named Max Braun used a glass with two mirrored faces and some electronics and a couple of lines of code to create an intelligent mirror that responds to voice and updates itself automatically . Following the Internet of things and philosophy Do it yourself , Rafael Dymek has gone further by adapting this intelligent mirror to the Apple interface , specifically to iOS 10, the most current Apple software applied to his devices.

The use is extremely intuitive : click on the mirrored surface and start enjoying its possibilities, but if you want to use it as a mirror again simply slide it aside. The functionality achieved by the smart mirror is maximum : in the iMirror you will see the date and time in the upper right corner and the weather forecast on the left.

But that’s not all: has numerous integrated apps that allow you to, for example, watch Neflix – although it’s advisable not to do so while you’re plucking your eyebrows or shaving -, read the news, check your social networks, use Uber, listen to streaming music with Spotify or adjust the room temperature with a thermostat.

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