This is how watchOS 4 could improve our Apple Watch

What would an iPhone be without iOS? A device’s operating system is the hardware’s better half. Without software the devices would not be what they are, so we asked ourselves about how could watchOS 4 improve our Apple Watch .

The future of the Apple Watch goes through watchOS 4

We can expect a lot from watchOS 4, however everything is wishful thinking until Apple officially presents it at the next WWDC. Nevertheless, we have seen how the different versions of watchOS have revitalized the Apple Watch since its release.

This is how watchOS 4 could improve our Apple Watch
This is how watchOS 4 could improve our Apple Watch

If in previous articles we already talked about possible functions that could be incorporated in the next version of watchOS. There are many other wishes that users (and developers) would like to see come true.

watchOS in Apple Watch

We can expect many functions within watchOS 4, but I think the most important points Apple should focus on are the speed of the system and our health .

Apple’s goal with the Apple Watch is to make this device as close to a doctor as possible . The Apple Watch will evolve around our health. Surely these changes will not only come from the software. In the future, Apple will add new or better sensors than the smart watch already has today. However, the software is still fundamental to adapt these new features, perhaps watchOS 4 will have something to say about it.

The possible but expected modularity through watchOS

Another point that could come up with watchOS 4 is the issue of modularity. In the past, Apple filed several such patents for a smart watch. In these patents, Cupertino’s added new functionalities directly through the straps of these devices.

Interchangeable belts but with different functionalities, the idea is great, however for this to become a reality, both the hardware and software must be updated. It is possible that in the next version of watchOS we will see some new functions, but the idea of being able to add new options to the watch without having to change the watch seems to me brilliant . Apple would give a new point of view, updating their devices with a simple but effective strap change.

Apple Watch Specifications

These improvements could come from the processing capacity of the device. More memory capacity, a camera or just options that don’t seem too dazzling, but are impressive enough to give new options to a smart watch by just changing its strap .

Apple could add or remove features within watchOS 4, but what I am clear about is that Cupertino’s already have a fixed path in the evolution of this device. A path where hardware and software intermingle to give us not only the best user experience but also, features that make us enjoy our day to day in a different way , either helping people in health issues or facilitating some everyday as going running, gym or just swimming.

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