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This is how Tim Cook communicated the purchase of Beats Audio to his employees

Apple always sends out press releases to the public to give out bombshells like the Beats purchase, but Tim Cook is also fond of sending out internal releases where he explains some important news in a more personal way. And the most recent one has been leaked where he presents his arguments to take 3 billion and acquire the Audio company .

There is praise for the Beats Music service, which we have already heard from Tim himself on learning of the purchase, but also the mention of the headphones and the address of Phil Schiller suggesting that future headphone models could be designed directly in Cupertino. I leave you with a free translation of the statement.

This is how Tim Cook communicated the purchase of Beats Audio to his employees
This is how Tim Cook communicated the purchase of Beats Audio to his employees


This afternoon we announced that Apple is taking over Beats Music and Beats Electronics, two fast-growing businesses that complement our product line and will help expand Apple’s ecosystem in the future. Bringing the two companies together paves the way for impressive developments that our customers will love.

Music is an important part of our lives and our cultures. It has the power to inspire us, comfort us and bring our emotions to the surface. It brings people together and transcends the limits of spoken language.

Apple’s history with music began when we sold Macs to musicians. That’s still important to us today, but we also bring music to hundreds of millions of customers with iTunes, which is at the forefront of the digital music revolution. At Apple, music has a special place in our hearts, and we know we can make an even greater contribution to something so important to our society. That’s why we’ve continued to invest in music, and why we’ve brought together our extraordinary teams – so we can continue to deliver the world’s most innovative music products and services.

Beat co-founders and music industry pioneers Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will join Apple, along with their teams of employees. Jimmy has been on the cutting edge of innovation in the music industry for decades, including the launch of the iTunes Store for songs more than ten years ago. He has produced or collaborated with some of the most popular artists in history and has contributed to the success of the iTunes Store.

Beats Music has been built with great respect for artists and customers. We believe it is the first subscription service to do so. At Apple and Beats we believe that a great music service needs a strong editorial and “healing” team, and we will continue to expand what we do in those areas. Joining with Beats will make our amazing range of iTunes even better, expanding the emotional connection listeners have with music.

The Beats Music team will be under the command of Eddy Cue. The teams will get to know each other better over the next few weeks, and we are very excited about the possibilities for the future.

Beats Electronics has become the benchmark brand for headphones and speakers in both the music and sports markets just five years after its launch. They are the most popular and valued third-party products in Apple’s physical and web stores. We see an incredible opportunity to bring Apple’s legendary design and capabilities to these products under the leadership of Phil Schiller.

Join me in welcoming Beats into Apple, please. I hope you’re as excited as I am about this new chapter in our history.