This is how they work and how they are configured

Few things I like more in iOS for iPad than the dynamic dock of the latest versions . A dock that we can invoke in any app and from which we can quickly access our favourite apps. Also, recently used apps, Continuity apps or suggestions from the system itself. The latter can be customized to our liking.

How the iPad dock works

If we look at the iPad dock, we’ll see on the right a total of at most three apps separated by a vertical line from the rest of the apps. These three apps change and are not always the same, because iOS relies on three different factors to display them:

  • Recent apps: Those apps you’ve used recently, so you can quickly reopen them.
  • Continuity Apps: Apple’s system for synchronizing device usage. If we have an app open on the iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch, it will appear in the dock with a small icon to show which other device it is open on.
  • Suggested apps: Just as Siri suggests apps in the widget section, she can also show us apps in the dock. Depending on the time and the use we give to the iPad will usually show us an app or another.
This is how they work and how they are configured
This is how they work and how they are configured

In AppleThe single task will be a thing of the past: iOS 11 will allow you to display four applications simultaneously

This way, on the right side of the dock we’ll always have access to apps that might be useful to us at any given time. As the apps appear in context it’s easier for them to be useful than just showing them randomly.

Turning iPad dock suggestions on or off

For me these suggestions in the dock have become a must. Rare is the time I need to open an app and it’s not in the dock. The fact is that over time iOS learns your tastes and shows you more and more precisely these apps. However, they may be a nuisance for you, so you can disable this feature . Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings on the iPad.
  2. Go to General and then to Multitasking and the Dock.
  3. Disable the Show recent and suggested apps option.

Whenever you want to turn this option back on, just enable it again by following the same steps.

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