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This is how the selection process of developers for the reality show Planet of the Apps will be

In the first months of 2016, Apple announced that it was working on ‘Planet of the Apps’, a reality show starring a group of app developers. The app company accepted applications to be on the show until the end of September and has already started a selection process for the 100 professionals who will be part of this television programme.

Developers who make it to the final round will be able to meet with investors who will offer up to $10 million over the course of the season and receive a prominent position on the App Store at the end of the show .

This is how the selection process of developers for the reality show Planet of the Apps will be
This is how the selection process of developers for the reality show Planet of the Apps will be

In order to be part of this show, the applicants sent an application idea in a video presentation with themselves and their development team. According to MacRumors, a source close to ‘Planet of the Apps’ shared the details of the steps Apple is taking to choose the lucky ones who will be part of their first TV show.

Four stages of selection

According to MacRumors, the selection process had four big steps, which have been fulfilled throughout the last months, where Apple has made the final decisions to start its show at the beginning of 2017 .

In a first stage, the developers presented a standard application on the Planet of the Apps website, including the one-minute video presentation, basic information about the application and screenshots. Shortly thereafter, the chosen ones received a phone call from the casting director in Los Angeles , who notified them that they had been selected to move on to the next round.

On moving to the second stage, the developers were trained to present their application in a five to ten minute video, which had to be professionally edited and then taught to the producers. The developers finished the clip in two weeks and also sent an email with permissions for Apple to edit or use the video.

In the third stage, the developers had a week to sign the long contract that outlined all the legal issues behind the reality show. The contract was accompanied by a short questionnaire about the application, including questions such as how many times it has been downloaded . At this stage Apple indicated to the participants that they will have to have some time available in the next months, because they will have to travel to Los Angeles at least three times.

Finally, in the fourth stage the developers were subjected to a background check. The organizers of the event indicated that by the fact of arriving at this stage, it could not be guaranteed that any participant was already within the program , since everything is a process and at any time or for any small detail, they could take the decision to say goodbye to the chosen ones.

Start of recordings and release date

The recordings of ‘Planet of the Apps’ will start at the end of this year and will take place initially in Los Angeles. The source close to MacRumors indicated that the first episodes will possibly be presented between March or April 2017 .

Planet of the Apps es el primer programa televisivo de Apple, y ya está abierto el casting para participar

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