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This is how the new iPhone 7 Bluetooth EarPods could definitely be

Will the iPhone 7 finally have a 3.5mm headphone jack or not? While early rumors claimed that Apple would eliminate this connector on its future smartphone, the latest information indicates that it will not. But this does not prevent the first models of Bluetooth EarPods similar to what Apple could launch with the iPhone 7 from appearing .

Regardless of whether Apple removes it from the iPhone 7 or not, the jack is becoming outdated and the Bluetooth headset is gaining ground . Therefore, it is believed that sooner or later they will end up replacing wired models.

This is how the new iPhone 7 Bluetooth EarPods could definitely beThis is how the new iPhone 7 Bluetooth EarPods could definitely be

Everything seems to point to the fact that Apple is currently designing the new Bluetooth EarPods and there are already some models that are quite interesting and that could be similar to the company’s official ones . Without further ado, we are going to show you two designs so that you can get an idea of what the iPhone 7 Bluetooth EarPods could look like.

Apollo 7

First there is the Apollo 7 model, a Bluetooth headset with Siri support . These EarPods have a button to activate the voice assistant or turn up the volume when you are listening to music, are waterproof and have a range of up to 4 hours . To charge them, they must be placed in the case that also serves to store them and not lose them.

The Apollo 7 headphones are available in several different colours to choose from, just like the iPhone’s to match (space grey, silver, gold and pink gold). These Bluetooth headsets will cost $249, a rather high price for many users , but if you are interested you can get them through their Kickstarter project, and shipping will start from June.

Rowkin Mini

The second option is the Rowkin Mini model, a single headset that you can get now through Amazon for a price of $59.99. This headset features a noise-canceling microphone, is even smaller than the Apollo 7 and would be available in space grey, silver and a 24k gold-plated edition for $10 more.

One of the disadvantages of the Rowkin Mini is that its battery has an autonomy of only one hour, but it has a small case with a portable charge and an external battery that allows it to be recharged on the fly without having to look for a plug. Another disadvantage is that being a single headset you can’t enjoy stereo sound.

That would be the Apple Bluetooth EarPods…

As far as Apple’s wireless EarPods are concerned, iDropNews reports that they are believed to have a built-in microphone and would have their own housing that would double their life with a rechargeable battery . On the other hand, there is a rumour that the Bluetooth EarPods will be compatible with the “Hey, Siri” function, making it even easier to use the personal assistant.

And you, what do you think Apple’s Bluetooth EarPods will look like? Tell us in the comments!