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This is how the new dynamic Mojave wallpaper works

By far the most acclaimed new feature of Mojave macOS has been its new dark mode that allows you to change the appearance of the entire operating system. ¡Vuelven los “favicons”! macOS Mojave los coloca de nuevo en las pestañas ancladas de Safari

Apple has called it a dynamic wallpaper , and its operation is most curious.

This is how the new dynamic Mojave wallpaper works
This is how the new dynamic Mojave wallpaper works

The new Mojave dynamic wallpaper can be activated from the System Preferences and is easily distinguishable as it has a small icon with the position of the Sun at the top. Once activated, you won’t really see it moving around like a screensaver. However, throughout the day the image changes its lights , as it shows pictures of the same scene taken in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and at night.

With this change, the wallpaper is intended to simulate the passage of the day on the Mac desktop. Depending on your location and the time set on your Mac, change the images to show the most current time. In the morning you’ll see the sun’s rays hitting the right side of the dune, at midday there are virtually no shadows, the sun reflects off the left side of the dune, and at night it’s obviously all dark. If you don’t have Mojave Macs installed on your Mac yet, you can try this feature in the demo that Apple has enabled on the Mojave Macs website.

How does Apple make this change? Very simply, it doesn’t use an ordinary JPEG or PNG image, but relies on a CTA file with several images in it. If we go to the LibraryDesktop Pictures folder in the Finder (use the shortcut Shif-Cmd-G) we can find the CTA file along with the rest of the wallpapers in JPG format.

Some users have investigated a little further and by accessing the CTA file they have found a total of 16 JPG images taken at different times and with different lighting. You can download the complete folder with all the images.

The question here is whether Apple will add more dynamic wallpapers in the next betas or versions and above all, whether it will allow third parties to create and configure their own dynamic wallpapers in macOS. As long as that is not possible, you can always create an album with 24 images and configure it as a wallpaper that changes every hour.

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