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This is how the iOS 11 file management system works

Apple Insider

At the iOS 11 launch event during WWDC 2017, Apple showcased a much-anticipated innovation for iPhone and iPad users. We talked about file management using an application called Files.

This is how the iOS 11 file management system worksThis is how the iOS 11 file management system works

We will now share with you a new video detailing how each feature of the iOS 11 files application works . In addition, we’ll explain everything you need to know about file management.

Would you like to know what the new iOS 11 file management app does? Would you like to find out how it works? Would you like to know what kind of things you can do with this app? Look, look!

Opening the iOS 11 Files application will take you to the Recent Files section , from which you can take a look at all your recently opened files, videos, photos and documents. Each item has a thumbnail as a preview.

In the tab Explore the Files application will show you a side panel with locations, bookmarks and labels. The app also offers support with iCloud Drive cloud services , so you’ll have the opportunity to access your files stored there. Moreover, you can also enable other cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.

In addition, the iOS 11 file management system has support for the new drag and drop feature, which allows you to move files to favorites, locations, folders, labels and even the Dock.

If you keep your finger pressed on any file, a floating menu will appear with the following options: copy, duplicate, rename, move, delete, share, tags and information .

With Files you can open any document in a PDF view which allows you to edit it with signs and freehand drawings.

This is a really useful and very complete application. It has come late, but we will finally have a file management system in iOS 11.