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This is how the Best Applications of the Apple Watch would be shown

The Apple Watch is closer than ever and we’re already looking forward to seeing how the best apps will be displayed and what else we’ll be using on the Apple smartwatch. Therefore we bring you some GIF images, which show a design concept of how they will look in the Apple Watch. Join us.

These are just a few concepts, but we will surely see the real design of some of these applications very soon, since Apple wants some applications to be available for the Apple Watch by the middle of this month. Let’s remember that their launch is scheduled for next April, as confirmed by Tim Cook at an Apple conference.

Uber application

This is how the Best Applications of the Apple Watch would be shown
This is how the Best Applications of the Apple Watch would be shown

Let’s start with a couple of GIFs that show what the Uber application would look like on the smartwatch.

This concept has been designed by Ryan Brownhill , an IBM designer in Austin who is only 22 years old, and which shows an extension of the iPhone application.

“I wanted to make sure that Uber’s version of Apple Watch was an extension of the iPhone application and not the same application adapted to the watch.” said Ryan Brownhill.

This leaves the most detailed and precise functions for the iPhone application, using only the functions specified in the Apple Watch . This concept of application designed for the Apple Watch, rather than carrying the iPhone application as it is, but adapted to the screen, is the predominant note in the thinking of all the designs and concepts we have seen so far.

Google Translate

This time we bring you a Google Translate concept, designed by Fran Palmer .

This concept is designed to work with voice commands and as with the Uber concept we showed you before, it would be a separate iPhone application and would only show the main functions.

“The Google Translate application of the clock will contain all recent translations plus favorites.” It says Fran Palmer .

It also explains a function specifically designed for the smartwatch.

“A strong touch on the screen would mark the translation as a favourite, for example.” Affirms Palmer of his design .

Foursquare Swarm

In this last image we bring you a Foursquare Swarm concept, created by Nathan Boyd , a 24 year old designer from Southern California.

He wants to make Swarm a useful application, avoiding being just a miniaturization of the application we all know from iPhone . You can see in one of the images a quick and easy way to do “Check In” and in addition by means of a “strong” hit on the screen, we will also access other specific functions of the Apple clock, as we have seen before in the concept of the Google translation application.

These are just concepts of some of the most important applications and many we would like to see are missing. But can be used to give you an idea of how they will look in the future Apple Watch. We already showed you a few weeks ago other concepts of applications for the Apple smartwatch, but we could emphasize above all, that the designers don’t want small and screen-friendly versions of the applications that we already enjoy on iPhone, they want to go a little further.

Up to here some of the most interesting concepts for the Apple Watch applications, that we have known thanks to BGR. Which one do you stay with? Which application would you like to see in the Apple Watch? You can leave us your impressions in the comments.