This is how the apps could look on the screen of the new iPhone 5


We have been talking for several months about the supposed iPhone 5 that Apple will present on September 12th. One of the issues that is causing more controversy is the screen size that could incorporate the new phone , even being shown some images of how it could look once assembled.

This is how the apps could look on the screen of the new iPhone 5
This is how the apps could look on the screen of the new iPhone 5

On top of that, earlier this week it was leaked that the new iOS 6 system will be able to operate at a resolution of 640×1136. And now there are some images of how the applications could look on such a screen.

The images, shown by 9TO5Mac, are the result of captures made by Dickson Sonny when running the iOS 6 simulator and testing certain applications adapted to work at the resolution mentioned above. However, not everything was positive. An attempt was also made to install applications developed for iOS 5, and the result was, to say the least, frightening, with a horizontal bar at both the top and bottom of the screen, taking up the remaining space not occupied by the application.

Logically, this is not a finished product and the final result is expected to be more correct than the one shown in these images, since we do not believe that the more than 600,000 applications that are available in the App Store will be updated immediately after the release of iOS 6.

What does seem clear is that with each passing day, more and more are showing signs that the new Apple phone will have a screen of at least 4 inches . And every day that passes is a day less of waiting.

Do you prefer a 4-inch screen following the current trend of mobile phones or do you want to continue with the current screen of the iPhone?

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