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This is how the Apple Watch 3 will sweep the wearable market

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Next September Apple will present the Apple Watch 3 together with the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The new edition of Apple’s smartwatch is in the final stages of testing before mass production. So far, the manufacturers seem to be very focused on filtering details about the iPhone 8 and the new wearable is known to have a similar design against all odds (we can forget about the eternal rumor of a circular watch) and that will allow phone calls without the iPhone.

This is how the Apple Watch 3 will sweep the wearable market
This is how the Apple Watch 3 will sweep the wearable market

However, the supply chain has revealed yet another detail: the first batch of Apple Watch 3 is expected to reach 4.5 million device sales in the last quarter of 2017, enabling 15 million gadgets to be sold throughout 2017. By 2018, no less than 20 million Apple Watch 3 are expected to be sold, which is quite a high number for a terminal that is so little needed a priori.

In general, the feeling we have is that these figures are too optimistic. Let’s not deceive ourselves, the features of the Apple Watch 3 look spectacular , but it should not be forgotten that its main competitors, Fitbit and Xiaomi, have lowered their figures despite being considerably more affordable. For the rest, things don’t look much better: Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Huawei and Motorola still sell very little. Even some manufacturers are shifting resources from the production of wearables to other more profitable departments.

The main complaints from users point to high prices, low battery life, duplication of functionalities compared to our smartphones and a not very integrated ecosystem as the causes of low demand. Knowing this, the path must be clear for the firm that seeks to be a leader in the sector, in this case Apple.

It is clear that his is the best wearable on the market, however the duration of his battery, the price and the few complications are factors that should improve in Cupertino from now on . Not only is it worth adding new features, but also improving existing ones.

According to Tim Cook, the Apple Watch is already the most sold smartwatch during the second quarter of 2017, growing 50% over the previous year. However, this is a statement with a catch, since for example Xiaomi or Fitbit are activity bracelets and not watches, however they are direct competitors that currently sell more. Its main assets are the improvement in health and sport habits , as well as a perfect synchronization with the iPhone. The incorporation of GPS and water resistance was a great success, but they will need more to continue to grow and become the best-selling wearable.


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