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this is how hundreds of possible iPhone 8 are made


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this is how hundreds of possible iPhone 8 are made
this is how hundreds of possible iPhone 8 are made


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Foxconn is one of the largest factories in the world, and yet one of the most secretive as well. Getting a worker to take a model of the next iPhone out of the factory is practically impossible (they even flush them down the toilets and pick them up in the sewers), getting a video of how the next Apple iPhone is being assembled and cleaned , is something that seems impossible.

A company worker has published a series of videos showing this assembly line on the Chinese social network Weibo. Few features of the iPhone 8 can be seen, just that it does not have that possible fingerprint reader on the back, fortunately. What we do see is many iPhone 8, many. In the first video we see how these iPhones are cleaned while in the second one they are on a kind of stand that seems to be drying them up . Curious in any case.

Foxconn has always strived to replace its workers with robots. It is not a simple thing, and as we can see in the video, such simple tasks as cleaning an iPhone are still the task of humans. Perhaps a fully automated factory would prevent this kind of leakage and videos.

On the other hand, do you remember that a few days ago we saw the possibility of a new color for the iPhone 8? It seems that it already has an official name, “Blush Gold” . If we try to translate this into Spanish, the closest thing would be “Oro ruborizado” or “oro sonrojado” (blush gold). We usually apply this adjective to humans and not to a metal, so it sounds a little strange to us in Spanish.