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This is how CarPlay works on a Ferrari

Since the announcement of CarPlay on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, a large number of car manufacturers have announced the incorporation of this system in their vehicles . This becomes even more relevant after learning that CarPlay is based on QNX, one of the platforms most used by car manufacturers before the arrival of Apple’s new system on the market.

The different car brands are showing us during these days in Geneva the integration of CarPlay in their vehicles, so that customers can see the functionality of this new system and how we can take advantage of our iPhone from inside our car and in a really comfortable way. Earlier this afternoon, Ford’s managers told us what they think about CarPlay.

This is how CarPlay works on a FerrariThis is how CarPlay works on a Ferrari

During the CarPlay presentation, it was Greg Joswiak himself who showed us inside a Ferrari FF how the system was displayed inside this car, but just today, we have seen a video in which we are shown in a more detailed way the possibilities of this new car operating system from inside the Ferrari FF itself.

During the video we are shown the potential of Siri inside our car, how we can call a contact from our phone, listen to our favorite music, search for a location to which the Maps application will guide us… We are pleasantly surprised by the speed at which CarPlay works and also, it seems that the touch controls of the Ferrari screen make quite comfortable navigation between the system menus. Although it is worth noting that it is at least curious that a 300,000 euro Ferrari uses a resistive screen.

At the moment the only way to connect our iPhone to a car with CarPlay is with a Lightning cable, but wireless connections from the phone to the car are in development , at least for Volvo. In the coming months we will know more news about CarPlay and its integration in different brands of vehicles. It seems to be looking pretty good, what do you think? do you like it?

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