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This is how Apple will try to boost its iPhone sales in China

Many times we have talked these last months about the delicate situation of Apple in China. Cupertino’s firm is experiencing an anomalous situation in the Asian country that has even led some companies to veto the iPhone for their workers. This is all due to the lawsuits brought by Qualcomm and the trade war being waged by Donald Trump’s government with this country. We must also remember that other companies like Samsung are also seeing their presence reduced in this market that is so vital for large companies-

The Wall Street Journal stated yesterday that Apple has managed to close a deal with Alipay , a well-known Chinese mobile payment network. The reason for this agreement is to be able to offer an interest-free loan to users so that they can access the purchase of an iPhone through the Apple Store online.

This is how Apple will try to boost its iPhone sales in China
This is how Apple will try to boost its iPhone sales in China

This way, users who wish to renew their terminal for one of the latest iPhones will have the possibility of applying for an interest-free loan to be paid back in 24 months . The minimum requirement for this loan is 4,000 yuan, about $595. This is a program similar to one agreed upon by Apple in Australia but with the difference that there the loans, also at 0% interest, could be shorter than the two years in China.

According to The Wall Street Journal these new offers are the lowest ever seen in China for the purchase of an iPhone and that is that they could buy it for just under 30 dollars a month. In this way, it is expected that sales, which we saw a few weeks ago, would have decreased more rapidly than other competitors.

It should also be noted that Apple may have among its plans the launch of a new iPhone XS and XS Max in red for China. And although this terminal could end up reaching other markets, it is in China where Apple is most interested in obtaining revenue. In addition, it would mean the fourth iPhone under the brand (PRODUCT) RED that the company would launch in this same color the iPhone 7/7 Plus in 2017 and the iPhone 8/8 Plus and XR in 2018.

Do you think this new Apple partnership will help increase your iPhone sales revenue in China? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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