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This is how Apple celebrates Women’s Day in March 2018 [Updated]

Apple9 comments 08 March 2018, 20:42 Eduardo Archanco@eaala Update : Apple has added a section in the iOS App Store on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Tomorrow, March 8, is celebrated as Women’s Day around the world. Since Cupertino they have been echoing this day in various ways. For this year, Apple has increased its involvement with various activities and initiatives to promote and encourage gender diversity in the workplace.

Women’s Day Events and Workshops

This is how Apple celebrates Women’s Day in March 2018 [Updated]
This is how Apple celebrates Women’s Day in March 2018 [Updated]

The commemoration of women in society has different approaches depending on the country. In some, such as Russia, it is a holiday in honor of the approval of women’s right to vote . In countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia it is celebrated in March, while in Canada it is in October, coinciding with the month in which women won the right to be senators in the country.

As a consequence of this celebration, Apple has prepared several initiatives , starting with events in different stores of the company throughout the world. One of them is the one that will be held tomorrow in Paris at the Apple Store in Marché Saint Germain, focused on discovering and exploiting the talent of women in technology. It will also be an opportunity to interview and hire female candidates for the company.

London, Paris and Singapore will host events led by professional women from different sectors such as programming, sports or sound editing

London will host another event, this time on programming for women. The well-known Regent Street Apple Store will be the place from which the importance of programming in entrepreneurship will be exposed, with a practical session on the subject.

Singapore will also have its own week of events with different workshops led by women. This store, located in the Apple Store on Orchard Road, will have a programming session, personal enrichment by a Paralympic athlete, design in the world of fashion and a professional sound editing session.

Activity challenge and music lists

In addition to these workshops and events, Apple has other initiatives underway. Apple Watch users already have the International Women’s Day Challenge in our medallion. To obtain it, we will have to double our movement goal and calories during the day March 8th.

This challenge is added to the one that already exists in March, where each user has his own goal of movement to achieve it. These awards join others that we have seen in the past, such as Earth Day or Heart Month. Finally, the company has prepared three lists of Apple Music on the occasion of this day and we can listen to them below:

These lists include international singers and bands led by women , such as Beyoncé, Sia, Katy Perry, Natalia Jimenez and Sonic Youth.

The importance of diversity for Apple

Apple states that gender and race diversity is fundamental in the technology sector . Tim Cook told his university newspaper a few months ago the following:

Open, la ultima campaña de Apple para mostrarnos la importancia de la diversidad.

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Apple publishes an annual report on gender and race diversity globally and in the U.S., as shown in the graph above. The evolution of the gender balance improved slightly between 2014 and 2016. However, 2017 stagnated at the levels shown.

Apple and Google have similar levels of gender diversity, while Microsoft lags far behind

The problem of low diversity is not only affecting Apple. It is endemic to the technology sector . Google has a similar distribution to Cupertino’s company, with 31% women and 69% men. In contrast, Microsoft has a distribution far below both, with 26% of women and 74% of men. Much of this imbalance has to do with the shortage of women in STEM careers, which is why Apple is focusing on education.

The Bite Apple firm has always shown its support for diversity of people, even confronting the U.S. government on immigration issues. Something that could not be otherwise when you consider that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant and an American.

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